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INSTRATA Turf Fungicide combines three active ingredients in one powerful package. The first provides rapid systemic action for quick control of fungi already within internal tissues, the second moves in a translaminar manner to treat any fungi actively moving through the epidermis, the third is the industry benchmark contact that creates a robust protective layer on the leaf surface. With this product all the options are covered.


Benefits & Features:

· A crown and foliar disease specialist controlling Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Helminthosporium disease and Microdochium Patch.

· Triple modes of action – one systemic triazole in combination with two contact fungicides each with different modes of action.

· Rapid systemic movement combined with contact action that stops spore germination fast and prevents the spread of disease.

· Superb resistance management tool that has a fit at any time, in any season.

· Trusted Weather Stik Technology is a core component of the formulation.

· Up to 28 days coverage from a single application.


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