Ryder is a highly concentrated and stable green pigment designed for use on managed turf to improve its appearance and to help protect against UV radiation and high light intensities.

RYDER provides an incredible visual effect – producing a deep, desirable green colour – with a shade and intensity you can manage to suit your course and conditions. And, at the same time, RYDER enables you to manage light – to make it work more efficiently for your turf plants.

Plants produce natural compounds to reflect, scatter and screen from radiation damage, including carotenoids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and cuticle waxes. Using the latest generation of pigment technology, at a high 70% concentration, RYDER can effectively mimic plant pigments and deliver protection against harmful UV radiation and high light intensities. The intensity of colour can be selected through adjustments to application rate, frequency and integrated fertiliser programmes.

Rainfast in 1 hour: Unlike existing water soluble turf dyes, RYDER is a formulated pigment that, once dry on the leaf, it is not washed off by rain or irrigation and is stable in light. It stays in place for longer that retains its colour and effects.